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Welcome to the LLS Class Action web site

UPDATE 10 February 2015

Here is a link to an interview I gave to the ABC in 2011[ http://www.abc.net.au/site-archive/rural/content/2011/s3140189.htm ]

UPDATE 7 January 2015

G'day Fellow LLS Victims.

The fight continues. What are you doing about it? Still trying to do your own thing instead of uniting as one? If that's you, you won't win! You'll will be knocked off one by one. The loss of our personal case, which cost us over $20,000 of Centrelink Pensioners' savings has exhausted us financially and now we live pension day to pension day, eating sausages - skins one week and middles the next.

My experience with Landholders, except our Fellow Fighting Funders (includes us - on top of the $20k), is they are big on complaining and miniscule on proactivity. We also realise there are Farmers doing it so tough out there they can't afford $100 whom we welcome to join for free to gain access to our draft fighting documents. Theresa (63yo) and I (76yo) have "busted our gutz" fighting LLS and its predecessors under both Labo(U)r and LNP NSW Govts. since 2006 to no avail. Some of our Funders have been fighting them for over 33 years! And horror stories abound!

We Victims have one last chance.

The State Election in March 2015.

Theresa has just posted my first letter to Labo(U)r's (their brand name is past its use by date!) new Leader, Luke Foley [ Email to Luke Foley ]. Read it and write to him in the same vein. Better still read it, write to him AND your Local Member AND join us (those who can) with an "at risk" loan of just $100.

In the next 12 weeks I will be using our Lender Member's money in our special Fighting Fund bank account, with the guidance of "FairGO" (Google it), to email pollies to support we Landholders against this insidious, demanding money with menaces, unconstitutional excise.

Theresa and I have had enough of lack of support, whinging and miserliness. If our campaign doesn't take off and bring about change in March 2015 we QUIT! The NSW DPI LLS Gestapo can put me in gaol before I'll pay. What else can they do to a 76yo Centrelink Pensioner also known medically as "lucky"?

There's also a link on this site to a petition. http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Mike_Baird_LNP_Premier_of_NSW_Stop_Local_Land_Services_LLS_Funding_regime/?nhQQKhb It has the names of just 9 people with gutz. Where is your courage and for that matter, signature?

Trevor Kirk
Mob: 04 1114 2281

UPDATE 7 January 2015

Here is an email I sent yesterday to Luke Foley, the new ALP leader in NSW in response to his one to me.[ Email to Luke Foley ]

UPDATE 24 September 2014

Here is the latest exchange with Scamwatch [ To Scamadvisor ]. I am going to contact Google to complain about their conduct.

UPDATE 29 August 2014

Here is the latest exchange with Scamwatch [ Scamadvisor emails ]. I am of the opinion their web site itself is a scam.

UPDATE 4 August 2014

We were recently interviewed by the Goulburn Post about our campaign against the LLS funding regime. You can read the front page article here [ Goulburn Post ].


“Farmer shoots dead Govt. Inspector” screamed the headline.

Here is a link [ Facebook conversation ]to a Facebook conversation I had with a close friend about the implications of this tragedy.

TruBluTrev 1 August 2014

Take NO notice of Scamadviser's comments on Google. Instead follow this link [ Scamadviser ]to see what I emailed to them.

Media release 28 June 2014

BHP Billiton has 14 Directors for World operations. NSW LNP Government Minister for LLS, Katrina Hodgkinson, appoints 80 LLS Directors in NSW for empire building exercise. She seeks to recover millions in outrageous Directors' fees and allowances by her excise disguised as "Rates" inflicted on Landholders on hectarages of 10+ha. "Rate" notices (read Unconstitutional Excise notices) are being issued to Landholders for 2014 by the NSW LNP Government's Department of Primary Industry via its corporatised Local Land Services. Here's ours for 2014 [ July 2014 Rate Notice ]. These "rates" violate Sections of the Australian Constitution on at least three grounds:

  1. Only the Australian Government has the authority to charge an excise (Section 90),

  2. NSW, being the only Australian State which attempts to charge this LLS excise thereby prevents free trade between the States (Section 92),

  3. The LLS discriminates against certain types of Landholders by levying only those occupying hectarages of 10+ha (Section 99),

Both major political parties have been guilty of putting their snouts in the LLS (just one of its many names) trough. Some Landholders have been fighting this funding regime for over thirty three years and many have unsuccessfully pursued their rights in Court, at great legal and emotional expense. Some have been threatened with gaol and at least one has had his property listed, without notice to him, for auction by NSW DPI.

One past Labour Premier is reported to have described it as "a nice little earner"!

The matter needs to be re-adjudicated by the High Court of Australia following at least one case which may nullify a previous High Court decision. To raise funds of $500,000 to establish a class action to get the matter into the High Court a website, www.llsclassaction.com has been established. Landholders are invited to visit that website and to join the Fighting Fund.

In the meantime do not pay the LLS invoice.

Our site, www.llsclassaction.com, contains a method of access for our Members to material for their contemplation and use if choosing to fight with us.

Please consider signing my Petition by placing your cursor on the link and clicking "Control + click" at: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Mike_Baird_LNP_Premier_of_NSW_Stop_Local_Land_Services_LLS_Funding_regime/?nhQQKhb and please ask everyone you know to do the same.

UDATE 19 June 2014

Recently Theresa and I had a meeting with Steve Whan, NSW Shadow "LLS" Minister. I told him we (the LLS Victims) were very angry about Katrina Hodgkinson's expansion of Labo(U)r's intimidatory, unconstitutional funding method of the then LHPA, which incidentally has been retained in one form or another by NSW Govts. of both colours for eons - nay - more than a century! Steve is now on notice that if we don't see justice applied to the funding of the LLS in the upcoming state election in March 2015 we will actively campaign against the Labo(U)r Party. Mike Baird, NSW LNP Premier, has also been put on notice about us actively campaigning against the LNP. IPAC has been alerted to the matter of the appointment of superfluous directors at ridiculous levels of remuneration by Katrina Hodgkinson. I'm still working on my submission to IPAC about the LLS.

The LLS "rate" (read extortion) notices are in the process of being mailed to Landowners of hectarages of 10ha+. Katrina Hodgkinson has stated Landholders on hectarages of 2ha+ are next in the firing line within 2 years. When the invoices arrive they will constitute unsolicited mail and contain a demand for money for services you did not order, which services are based on guesses by a Local Land Services stooge as to how many livestock units you can sustainably farm on your hectarage, and which services you are more than unlikely to want or even require, let alone receive, in a month of Sundays.

Theresa and I have drafted letters and emails to use when we receive our scam invoices. We surrender copyright here and now which means you can use, without risk of plagiarism, all or any of our words entirely at your discretion.

You can request these letters and emails and indeed the full Victim's Kit by completing our [ Ratepayer's Register ] form to join LLSClassaction.com plus depositing an interest-free, "at risk" loan of just $100 direct to the LLS Class Action account. Email or snailmail your application to TruBluTrev@llsclassaction.com. We ask you to lend $100 "at risk" for this access in fairness to all the others who have lent “at risk”. See How we work for you.

LLSClassaction.com cannot and does not give advice. If uncertain, seek personal legal advice.

Here’s how we work for you. [ How we work for you ]

Bank account details:

Bank: Macquarie Bank Ltd, BSB: 182 512, Account number: 962391421, A/c name: A Financial Affair Pty Ltd LLS Class Action

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UPDATE 24 January 2014

Here's an example of just how badly designed the Minister's forms are [ LLS Enrolment App SF ]. The other badly drafted forms with my suggestions on how to complete them will be promptly emailed to you on joining the Fighting Fund by making your "at risk" loan of $100 (link)

I asked the staff at LLS the questions in red and the otherwise helpful LLS Officer I spoke to, apologised profusely for being unable to answer my questions. She said she'd refer them to her supervisor and call me back. She called back promptly and told me she’d located the Returning Officer (RO), James Lawrence, and asked him to call me which he did later that day. Excellent customer service eh!

I offered to, rather than try to explain it all over the phone, email the form with my questions to him which I did. He gave me his email (james.lawrence@lls.nsw.gov.au) which immediately confirmed my suspicions he was an employee of LLS. I asked him how he could be an independent RO as an employee. He sounded most sincere when he assured me he was independent - no land holding - has nothing to do with landholders directly. I'd like to believe him but I think we all might have difficulty seeing him as truly independent don't you agree?

I must tell you the LLS Staff have been most willing to help but they complain about lack of training in this matter and I think the Minister is still on leave. Why else won't she answer my emails?

Media Release 21 January 2014

Trevor Kirk[ Trevor Kirk ], a highly qualified and experienced senior management executive now retired, has been fighting the funding regime of the NSW Government Primary Industries & Small Business (DPI & SB) Local Land Services (LLS), since 2006 (others for over 30 years) on the grounds it is discriminatory, in breach of the Australian Constitution, persecutes Landholders and is in their worst interests.

"Application for enrolment on electoral roll.." forms were recently posted by the LLS to Landowners occupying hectarages of 10+ha. The Minister and the Chair of Chairs (CoC) stated "....under the stature (sic) the LLS ...needed "....a clean basis....and....new electoral roll...". Doesn't this suggest the LHPA database was so corrupted it could not be transferred to the LLS as were the debts and summonses?

Kirk found many errors in the forms, some obviously caused by sloppy drafting, but the remaining errors gave rise to suspicions of skulduggery to disenfranchise Landholders to be able to vote for the Director of their choice in their own LLS Region. The Minister has already appointed her share of the Boards and now "owns" 46 of her 79 Directors - 78 out there plus the CoC or 58.23% of the decision making members. How can this represent democracy for Landholders who comprise the balance of only 41.77%?

The tight time frames for completing the paperwork appear to have been deliberately scheduled for the school holiday season. This obviously makes it harder for Landowners to meet the deadlines if they are away on family holidays.

Kirk has asked the Minister for an extension of time to complete the paperwork. Apart from a read receipt no reply has been forthcoming because the Minister "is on leave".

Kirk phoned the Returning Officer (RO) on 2 January 2014 but the office was closed for the holidays. His question was whether he could nominate himself as a Director as this information was not on the "Nomination paper for election". On 17 January 2014 after another unsuccessful phone call to the Returning Officer's published phone number, Kirk was answered, not by the RO Receptionist, but was automatically transferred to the Receptionist for the Department of Primary Industry & Small Business at Orange NSW, coincidentally the headquarters of the LLS. "I think he's been transferred to Finance or something" suggested the RO was an employee of either the DPI & SB or the LLS. He still was unable to be found. A phone number was supplied to locate the RO. How can the RO be independent if he is an employee?

The RO was never found but pleasant staff in a few country locations were most apologetic time and time again for being uninformed as they had not been trained properly AND the Minister was on leave. The answer to Kirk's question was "No you can't nominate yourself but your Wife can if she too is a Registered Holder of the same land as you."

Kirk, with his Wife, has set up a new website - www.llsclassaction.com. For ideas about how to complete the LLS forms go to www.llsclassaction.com, join the proposed class action with a $100 "at risk loan" and a sample of the paperwork will be emailed/posted immediately.

Kirk says he has many of the answers to fix the LLS imbroglio and will divulge those answers for the average fee of $250,000 in today's money, for the last 27 +/- reviews, 50% of which he will immediately donate to "Aussie Helpers Charity for Australian Farmers".
Kirk is now calling for the sacking of the Minister and wonders if Small Business is her next target?

Time is running out so please take action –

LLS Class Action – today!

UPDATE 13 January 2014

For 130+/- years there has been a Local Land Service system (LLS) by many names (it changes its name more than pollies change their undies!) This latest LLS is an extension of the Empire Building of all the previous Labo(U)r and LNP Governments in NSW. I, Trevor George Kirk, have been fighting this "changeling child" since 2006. Others in our "army" have been fighting this, anachronistic, confronting NSW Government mechanism for over 30 years. Keep reading - you can find out how to join the fight right here.

Recently most of we LLS Victims, all over NSW received by snail mail, a number of documents about the upcoming elections for Victims Representative Director, y'know the man or woman you want to represent you (I can't say all as I don't know if any were lost in the mail??). It really is a bit of a waste of time as the Minister has already appointed 57.5% of the Directors. So even without the normal casting votes of the Chair of Chairs (CoC) and the 11 other Chairs there is absolutely no chance of any of we Victims getting a democratic say in our respective regions!!

Having examined and dissected every word, I found these documents contain many errors and omissions! Now, I hate conspiracy theories, but, after my analysis, I can't help wondering if the "slip-ups" were just the result of sloppy, incompetent work I've seen before in the ranks of the LHPA/LLS! Some appear deliberate to me, to cause your disenfranchisement in the upcoming elections. So be very careful when completing and lodging them with your local LLS Office. For example some of us find our hectarages are now in a different LLS region. Why? Because as a result of the merger with the CMAs and the former LHPAs the boundaries have changed. Our hectarage went from North Coast to Northern Tablelands.

In fairness to the LHPA/LLS Victims who have lent an at risk loan to the Fighting Fund, the Rules have changed. No longer is our research freely accessible.
All those LLS Victims who want access are now required to register below, by depositing an at risk loan of just $100 to one of the bank accounts nominated on the Registration Form and completing the Registration Form [ Ratepayer's Register ] with the details required, including the date of making his/her "at risk" loan, for our Victims' data base.

This Form asks you to complete a Statutory Declaration about secrecy. It should be completed too. The properly executed form should be attached to an email or reproduced therein. You can of course print it, complete it in handwriting and attach a cheque for your "at risk" loan. Registration will be complete the moment the "at risk" loan is cleared funds in one or other of the bank accounts. Registration will give you immediate access to all our research.

Currently you need to know urgently the unintentional and (I believe) intentional skulduggery contained in the Enrolment and Nomination forms. You must enrol as the LHPA is not (as business logic would have it) transferring their data base to the LLS. The Minister indicates she wants to start with a clean slate. Doesn't that imply the present slate is corrupted? (Sir Lunchalot where art thou?)

We'll immediately email or snailmail our findings about the current Enrolment and Nomination forms for which you have such little time left to complete. Why did the Minister choose the school holiday/festive season as the time to complete the forms when many are away on leave? Note - I've asked the Minister to extend the times and to correct the current out-of-wack dates - no answer yet!

Your Registration will give you access to many ideas about challenging the financial extortion being foisted upon you by the, dare I say seemingly incestuous, imbroglio now known as LLS - Local Land Services - 11 corporatised ABN holders with 79 Directors 57.5% "owned" by the NSW Government via its Minister for Primary Industries & Small Business. Even aside from the possibilities of a casting vote from the Chair of Chairs (CoC) and each of the Chairs of each Regional Board there is obviously no chance of democracy at a Board level for LLS Victims.

As a highly qualified, (CPA, FCIS etc) former professional Financial Manager/Director with large international corporations, Landcare and Greening Australia, I'm nominating as a Victims' Director for the Northern Tablelands LLS Region so vote for me. I'm pledged to dismantle at least the funding regime. No doubt the Minister will find some way to disqualify me. I'll let you know!

From her imposition of such inequity on the Rural Land Owning Community, I wonder when she's going to start on Small Business?


Trevor Kirk

Mob: 0411 142 281
1 Moore Street,
Cessnock NSW 2325

Bank account details:

Bank: Macquarie Bank Ltd, BSB: 182 512, Account number: 962391421, A/c name: A Financial Affair Pty Ltd LLS Class Action

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